Haunted Mansion

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It’s very late at night and you are driving through a country road after an evening with friends. All of a sudden, the headlights of your car light up a little girl who asks for help on the side of the road. You stop to help her and she tells you that she ran away from home after fighting with her parents and got lost because of the darkness. You decide to give her a ride and once you arrive in front of her house you make her get out and you see her go back into the house. Before leaving, however, you notice that the child has forgotten a doll on the car seat and you decide to bring it back to her. You knock on the door but strangely it seems to be open. You go inside and what you see is a house completely abandoned for who knows how long. You remain stuck in front of this scene and your attention is caught by a newspaper left on the ground. An article shows in the picture the face of a child who died in a car accident. You recognize the girl you have just accompanied and you shiver reading that the article is of 10 years ago. As soon as you understand that the best thing to do is to escape from that house, the door violently shuts behind you...

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Frisson / Horreur
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Les dernières sessions

Laura Vazquez-lopez
Laura et 1 autre


50min 00s


Via Giuseppe Marcora 3, 00153 Rome

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