Dead Man's Revenge

DreamScape - Poznan
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In the 18th century in the Caribbean, the endless roar of cannons fills the air, terrifying all inhabitants.

In the charming port of Nassau, the Golden Sail - a legendary pirate ship - moors.

As members of the first generation raised in the pirate capital, you can't wait to join his crew.

The day finally comes - the ship's captain, a legend among pirates, announces that he is accepting new recruits. A look of unbridled enthusiasm and adventure burns in your eyes as you complete the formalities to become full crew members.

Before you is the open ocean, thousands of nautical miles, liters of rum, new lovers in every port, fame, countless battles and, most importantly, tons of gold to plunder. You are not afraid of sea monsters or scurvy. For you, the only thing that matters is eternal glory in the pirate world. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure that will make your hearts beat faster!

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Top Rooms #36 (TERPECA)

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Święty Marcin 43/3 p, 61-803 Poznan

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