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You are currently researching the mysterious events happening in Paris thought to be caused by the cult known as G.O.D.. Several members of G.O.D. have been spotted participating in illicit activities under the shadow of the night throughout the city. The center point of all of these activities seems to be the town’s first library. In order to find out what plans this G.O.D. group is attempting to set in motion, you decide to pay a visit yourself, only to discover that it’s closed to the public. This strikes you as extremely odd and you decide to break in to ascertain the truth.

Amidst the dusty stacks of old manuscripts, you feel a peculiar breeze coming from further down the corridor and follow it towards a sooty bookcase. Something doesn’t feel quite right. Suddenly, you hear the front door slam behind you. You are not alone. G.O.D. has found you.

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Expérience Immersive
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Nous nous sommes retrouvées dans le bureau d'un bibliothécaire qui enlevait des étudiants pour faire des sacrifices satanistes. Cet escape game est assez creepy et ensanglanté, mais sans être effrayant. Les énigmes étaient agréables à résoudre, par contre elle demande une certaine maîtrise de l'anglais.


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Exit Edmonton - Edmonton

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10534 82nd Ave NW (Whyte Avenue), AB T6E Edmonton

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10534 82nd Ave NW (Whyte Avenue), AB T6E Edmonton