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It's the 20th anniversary of the dramatic disqualification in 2000 of the previously unbeaten Leroy Lancaster from the Vintage Board Game (VBG) Championship, a worldwide event since 1995. Lancaster always proclaimed that he was wrongfully accused of cheating and believed it was a set-up to knock him off the winners' podium. 20 years later, his anger and resentment have reached boiling point.

With the event for 2020 declared the 'biggest and best VBG Championship ever,' contestants have mysteriously begun disappearing without a trace. Could Lancaster be involved??

Being fellow VBG contestants yourselves, you receive an urgent call from a friend and fellow contestant, that another of your teammates seems to not be receiving his text messages.

It turns out that he is chained up in a basement, surrounded by mysterious parts of games, seemingly linked to a game called “The Trivial Pursuit of Life,' developed by his captor.

Can you help him to escape by solving the series of puzzles before the return of the insane and resentful Lancaster, and help to identify his next victim, before the entire team of contestants are crossed off the list... FOREVER?

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