The Godfather

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As members of another clan, you infiltrated the greatest Italian-American mob to take down their leader who is just called Don D'oro.

His name means Golden Don, which he got after his golden gun. The mobster keeps his real name and his gun the biggest secret only his most loyal followers know about.

Recently you got a hint that someone saw him walking through a mysterious door in his own bar. He always has his negotiations in this secret place. His guest will arrive soon for the next one, now that the staff is gone.

You have 60 minutes to find the secret passage, and deliver any evidence about his real identity. If you're lucky, you can even find his iconic weapon! If you succeed, your clan will take control over the city.

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Série / Film / Roman
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Âge minimum
8 ans

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332 salles testées

Un escape game intéressant mais nous étions incapable d’en profiter correctement. Même si quelques énigmes n’auraient pas été trouvées même dans notre état optimal, l’ensemble est plutôt cohérent et agréable à jouer.

Les dernières sessions

Fragui, Lili, Marco et L'orga


42min 00s


Zichy Géza utca 14, 1146 Budapest

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