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Dr. I Jones is traveller and explorer, who travel all around the world searching for antics. He visited every continent to find lost treasures. But there was ONE, He would have scarified his life for it. It is called the statue of Invictus. The most valuable treasure on the world. We believe DR Jones has it and hid it away. The statue has supernatural power. Not just DR jones was intrested in the statue of Invictus. Other treasure hunters and the government needed to have it. When they found out that DR Jones might have it, they wanted to find him and take the statue. The only information we have is the Dr. Jones started his expedition from his home before he disappeared. We think that is where we can find the most clues. Please help us solve the clues and find the statue before someone else does. Think first then act! Find Dr. jones and the statue of Invictus and save them before someone else does. Work in a team to find all the clues and escape with Dr. jones and the statue before the enemy finds you.

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Exithink - Vienne

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