Murderer's house

Black Cat - Varsovie
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New York. 25-year old Shannan Gilbert, a friend of yours, leaves a party and disappears. The police is helpless. What is more, there is a serial killer on the loose in the city: “The long island serial killer”, who for a few years now has been kidnapping and brutally murdering young women. There are justified grounds to think that Shannan could have fallen victim to him. A few weeks after her disappearance you receive a very peculiar video on your phone, on which the kidnapped is visible. It is accompanied by a messag that reads: “If you ever want to see her alive, visit me in Queens, NYC. Call the police, and you won't see her again, I know where you live, I am watching you, something may happen to your family if you are careless. You can take someone along not to feel too lonely.” It's sick, but what choice do you have?

The room is available in two versions, (WITH ACTOR and NO ACTOR) priced the same.

BRUTAL version: the game includes an actor. It can be too “hardcore” for sensitive persons who value comfort during the game. High reality of gameplay. This version offers a true immersion into the Murderer's House.
COWARDS version: the game does not include an actor. The mildest and the most comfortable version of the game. However, it is still a room with a brutal, unsettling atmosphere. More delicate persons do not have to fear being “jumpscared”.
* Murderer's House Remastered. In 2021, over 12 months' time, we have conducted a major rework of the room. As a result, the room follows the most recent technological trends. Its atmosphere is even denser. An actor is present during the game, which increases the intensity of the experience. New puzzles and phenomenal effects have been added. For anyone who has visited the Murderer's House before, the layout of the room and the core part of the plot and puzzles has not been changed. There is now about 30% new puzzles. The audiovisual effects however, have been significantly improved.

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