Escape from the Alien Research Facility Visio possible

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You are taking a tour in the first research facility in the world to have successfully contained an alien.
An experience tour that was supposed to be safe - Up until the emergency alarm blared.

"Emergency alert! The alien has regained consciousness and is on rampage!
All personnel must evacuate the facility immediately!"

On the other side of the screen, you hear an ear-piercing cry and sounds of something heavy thrashing around.

Just when the situation seems dire, a single transmission comes through -
"This is Ridley! Can anyone hear me?!"

A glimmer of hope flashes in the form of a transmission system!
Can you cooperate with Ridley and stop the alien before it destroys the research facility?

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Heiner, Magritte, Tanja et 3 autres


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1-27-5, Kabukicho, 160-0021 Tokyo

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