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Famous author Daniel McKenna and his son, Stewart, traveled the world for many years. Daniel gathered information for his many award winning novels, while Stewart collected art and eclectic pieces. Over the years, Stewart's collection grew and became one of the country's largest, privately owned collections ever amassed by one person.

Wanting to share his collection with the world, Stewart opened the “McKenna Museum of Eclectic Art”. After his death, the McKenna family closed the museum. However, in his will, Stewart demanded the public would always be able to see his treasures, so the family split up the collection and sent it off as traveling pop-up displays around the country.

One collection has arrived in Daytona Beach and caught the attention of Stanley Wright – retired art hustler. It has been rumored that this particular collection includes a special exhibit – one that would be invaluable to any thief and worth the risk of coming out of retirement for another heist. Stanley has enlisted the help of a few of his friends and put a plan in place. He can't be seen around the exhibit, so he has managed to hide many helpful tools and hints to help your accomplish the deed. You will only have one hour between the security guard's rounds, so time is of the essence.

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