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You have devoted your entire lifetime in building a time machine since your father passed away about 30 years ago in an accident in his laboratory. He was also a scientist studying the quantum physics of time travel.

And just yesterday, you finally did it! You have invented the time machine! You think of all those long lonely years of hard work, and the people who have mocked you and made fun of you for being a “freak”, or a “mad scientist”. You can finally prove your genius to the world!

You went to sleep early, thinking of all the wonderful things in life you would be granted now that you have built the very first time machine and changed the course of humanity...

But this morning, as you walk into your laboratory, you freeze up at the horrible sight that unfolds before your eyes. The time machine that you have worked so hard to build, is found damaged or broken. Most importantly, your laptop computer that has all the information and confidential data from your years of research seems to have been stolen !

Who could it have been ? A thief ? The government? The corporation that has been eyeing your research ?

You decide to get to the bottom of this.

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Génial, génial, génial ! Rebondissements créatifs.

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