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You are still on the run, traveling through Europe after your narrow escape from the spy’s room.

After few months of fleeing from city to city you feel like you are losing your mind and worse, you are beginning to question yourself. Your time is running out. You MUST find the Killer X and get your life back..

Then one day, you hear from one of your sources that a strong suspect has appeared multiple times at the Louvre Museum in Paris.

Since you are wanted, you have been cautious not to appear in public places. But you decide to take a chance. After all, capturing this man might prove your innocence..

Few days later, you arrive at the Louvre. You set foot into the beautiful museum, and just as you enter the ancient exhibit, SLAM! The gate shuts behind you. The museum guards must have recognized your face from the wanted list and reported to the police. Will you be able to escape in 60 minutes from the ancient museum before the cops arrive?

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