The disappearence at Fogmore Manor Visio possible

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Le prix indiqué est celui du jeu dans la salle physique. Le prix du jeu en visio peut être différent, il est généralement moins cher.

In part one of the Fogmore saga you open your eyes to find yourself in a dark room. Lightning flashes, illuminating the stained glass windows, and the crackling fire casts dancing shadows over the strange and mysterious artifacts scattered around the manor drawing room. A flickering candle and a scribbled note from your missing business partner are all you can see.
So begins your experience in Fogmore Manor. Are there really spirits inhabiting the strange artifacts here? More importantly, if there are, are they trying to help you escape or trap you forever?
You have 60 minutes to follow the trail left by your vanished business partner. Will you find him, or will the same fate befall you when the clock strikes midnight?

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