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Le prix indiqué est celui du jeu dans la salle physique. Le prix du jeu en visio peut être différent, il est généralement moins cher.

Your target for this Heist mission is James Fawkes, a wealthy collector of rare artifacts, CEO of Fawkes Industries, and puzzle enthusiast. This isn't an ordinary heist. Normal people keep their valuables in a metal safe but not Mr. Fawkes. He keeps what we are looking for hidden behind a number of elaborately constructed puzzles. X's job was to get into the mansion undetected. Your team will be responsible for helping them through the mansion, gaining access to Mr. Fawkes' financial information and making a transfer of funds from his account into your team's account. Be careful to ensure your team stays undetected. Can you direct your team and weave your way through Fawkes elaborate puzzles in time to pull off “The Heist”?

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