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Le prix indiqué est celui du jeu dans la salle physique. Le prix du jeu en visio peut être différent, il est généralement moins cher.

You and your team of SP Eyes, have a secret mission at The Great Wall of China. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find and retrieve the sacred Bell of Zeng that is thought to be hidden in the fabled Dragon Chest.

Should the evil General Yue Fei Shigenaga find it first, he will use it's mystical powers to raise the ancient Nine Dragons of Power and summon thousands of ferocious warriors of the Army of the Undead, that are believed to be buried beneath the Yanmenguan temple of The Great Wall. It is imperative that you find The Bell first.

Rouge Chinese soldiers loyal to the general will be making their rounds regularly, so you will need to find The Bell within the next 60 minutes before they return.

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