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For centuries, the 3 most powerful magical groups have lived in harmony. Togethers these three groups have shaped their magical world how they saw fit. That was, until the current leader of the Drekians, Lars Darkonian, received a vision while staring into the eye of the dragon. In this vision, he saw the one thing that could give him power above all others, the Cup of Destiny. The cup was in the possession of the Ulfurics. The Drekians stormed the Ulfuric Den and stole the cup. Horrified by these events the Ulfuric leader, Artemis Nightbane spoke with Sylvanas Tiamat, the leader of the Snakurians and together they decided that the matter was far too dangerous to ignore. Both leaders have gathered a team of wizards to invade the Drekian Lair to retrieve and ultimately destroy the cup. The task is now yours to fulfill. You must raid their lair, find the cup, and escape in time. The fate of the world is in your hands.

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