Escape from Magic Room

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Once upon a time in the secret rooms of the ancient school of wizardry, one whose name can not be spoken, hid 3 secret artifacts. Only one student with his friends could unravel all the secrets of the evil magician and keep the balance of the whole world. A young wizard, thanks to his magic wand, ingenuity, resourcefulness and ability to search for solutions to any problems with his friends, could cope with the strongest spells on earth...

Since then, much has changed. The school lives a life of its own. But the teachers decided to use the secret rooms opened by the wizards to conduct the final exam for the ability to master magic and the ability to find the right solutions in non-standard situations. They recreated artifacts and repeated the exact situation of this historical moment ...

Now it's your turn to pass the tests and hence, pass the final exam... Check what you and your team are capable of! Become a real magician for one hour. Get out of the magic room!

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