Troll - Bucarest
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IIt's 1995. Dr. Karl Friedmann is the head of the Virusology department of the research institute TriOptimum. After a series of failures in his career, the institute's board finally decides to fire him. On hearing the news, Dr Friedmann hatches a diabolical plan to get his job back: he creates a lethal virus that he spreads across the planet, only to release the antidote himself and pose as the heroic saviour.
But by accident, the doctor's plan is blown up. The Doctor is contaminated with his own virus and, before he can administer the antidote, is struck down.

Now the situation is worrying. Every person on the planet is infected with the deadly virus, and it will become active within the hour, killing people. The antidote is still in the doctor's lab. You are humanity's last hope, you will have to get into the lab, retrieve the antidote and get out of there in time to save yourself and the entire population of planet Earth, or we will all perish!

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Virus / Asile / Hôpital
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Troll - Bucarest

2 jeux

Bd. Nicolae Bălcescu nr. 9, 010042 Bucarest


Bd. Nicolae Bălcescu nr. 9, 010042 Bucarest

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