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- Alexei, don't mess with Diatlov, he'll kick us out. Goodbye spacious apartments in Pripyat, goodbye good salaries and we wake up in a Siberian hellhole. Here we'll find all the food we want, there we'll feed our families with old bread and dried fish. Watch out.

On the way to the power station, the sky is full of stars, the air is warm and smells of spring. At home, the wife and the little girl sleep happily as they go for a trip in the new car on Sunday. It's worth putting up with a crazy boss.

When the test starts on reactor 4 in the control room, Diatlov yells at you:
- Keep reducing the pressure!
- But it's already at 600 MW and the manual says the safety level is 700!
- It's not your job to think, you imbecile!
You don't mess with Diatlov.

The pressure drops until the reactor shuts down completely. Diatlov is calling for the control rods to be raised. Reactor starts, pressure rises. Little do you know, the pumps are pushing less and less water into the reactor core, which is heating up hotter than hell.
The pressure doubles every second. The walls are shaking in the pump room. The reactor's 500-tonne lid shakes, then blows off, releasing 50 tonnes of nuclear fuel into the atmosphere, 10 times more than Hiroshima, spreading disease and death thousands of miles away.

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