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"Welcome ladies and gentlemen! Rise! This is the grandest show in history of the illustrous Antoon -Hyperion- Ackerman!"

This is the way Antoon -a selfdeclared master Illusionist- announced his grandest and final last show ever.

Antoon was grown and raised in Antwerp and got inspired by the world of tricks and illusions as a boy. The young Antoon wasn't shy, he seized every opportunity to astonish his friends and family.

After reaching adulthood he travelled to world searching for succes, acknowledgement and appreciation as 'The Great Hyperion'.

His very last show is something special... He has passed away, and he left something very special behind: His final show. The show was made to awe the audience into eternity, full of masterful trics and illusions... But not everything is what it seems, are you ready to take up the challenge?

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Tavernierkaai 5, 2000 Anvers

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